Scabies Symptoms Home Remedy

Need help determing if you have scabies? Scabies symptoms home remedy is a quick reference checklist to help you figure out if you might have scabies.

The main symptom of scabies is severe itching!  It itches and it burns, but whatever you do, don't scratch!  Some members of our team have tried wearing gloves and lightly patting (not scratching) or putting ice cubes over the scabies for temporary relief.

But there are other things, like small pimples and mosquito bites, that people sometimes confuse with scabies. While it can be hard to diagnose, if you suffer from multiple symptoms in the checklist below, you most likely have scabies.

Scabies symptoms home remedy checklist:

  • Severe itching (that may become more intense while sleeping... it might feel like things are crawling on or under your skin).
  • Pimple-like irritations - small red bumps that look like tiny bug bites or pimples.
    • Usually visible between the fingers, inside the wrists, elbows, or knees.
  • Small “burrows” under the surface of skin (these can be really hard to see with the naked eye so grab that magnifying glass!).
  • Sores caused by scratching (try not to scratch too hard because if you have scabies, it can quickly spread and even lead to bacterial infections of the skin).
  • Rashes, redness, or irritation on the skin, especially on warmer parts of the body, like skin folds near the buttocks, groin, armpits, between fingers/toes, and around breasts.
If you suspect you have scabies and checked off multiple symptoms on this checklist, try scabies home remedies or call your physician.

Your physician may perform a skin scraping to search for scabies mites or their eggs.  Note that this is not always a 100% accurate test because scabies mites can sometimes be missed - they are small and burrow into the skin 2-3cm  deep.

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