Home Remedy for Rosacea Relief

Our thoughts on a home remedy for rosacea are here to help you clear any inflammation, bumps and redness on your face or body! Try these home remedies to treat and prevent that annoying skin inflammation.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition that typically occurs on the face. It's characterized by redness, flushing, pimples, and broken blood vessels. While the cause is unknown, it affects about 5% of the population, most commonly among fair-skinned women. It can look like a very deep flush (like you just ran a marathon!) or sometimes a red rash.

Stage 1 Rosacea

Rosacea Stage I is characterized by redness on the nose and cheeks. Some patients have recurrent episodes of blushing. Telangiectasia sets in which is the chronic dilation of groups ofcapillaries causing elevated dark red blotches on the skin as shown above.

Home Remedy for Rosacea #1


  • Vitamin A helps to strengthen capillaries and can help heal the skin. Take 25,000 IU's 2 times per day.
  • Vitamin B helps maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. Take a vitamin-B complex that contains 100mg of the major B vitamins everyday.
  • Vitamin C helps raise immunity, promotes healing, and strengthens connective tissue.
  • Zinc and Copper can work together to help heal the skin. Take 25mg 2 times per day.

Stage 2 Rosacea

Pustules and Papules begin to appear in State II Rosacea. The telangiectasias intensifies along with erythema (skin redness that results from congestion and dilation of capillaries)

Home Remedy for Rosacea #2


  • Flaxseed oil contains essential fatty acids that help to reduce inflammation in the skin. Take 1,000mg or 1 teaspoon 3 times per day.
  • Tea tree oil can help reduce the inflammation from rosacea. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil on your skin everyday.

Home Remedy for Rosacea #3

Make your own spot treatment with a mixture of turmeric and plain water. Dab onto the flare spots to reduce redness. If the turmeric leaves a mark or stain, wash your face with plain water (not soap).

Stage 3 Rosacea

In stage 3 Rosacea, Erythema starts to intensity. Pustules, papules and nodules appear.

Home Remedy for Rosacea #4
Boil dried chamomile flowers and strain them to extract the essence of the flower. Dip a cotton ball into the solution and dab onto your face.

Home Remedy for Rosacea - to prevent future flare-ups
Keeping rosacea under control can be easy - the key is treating your skin gently and avoiding anything that can trigger your skin to flush. Try these:

  • Gentle Cleanser. Look for a liquid or gel cleanser that is gentle on the skin (ie no harsh scrubs like micro-bead exfoliants). We recommend trying natural products, like Mario Badescu's line of skincare products targeting rosacea.
  • Chamomile. Try cleansers and soaps containing chamomile, which is known to help soothe rosacea-prone skin. Just be aware that chamomile is related to the ragweed family so avoid these products if you are allergic to ragweed.
  • Cucumbers. Layer raw cucumber slices over your face. Or after cleansing your face, smooth on a moisturizer that contains cucumber extracts. The same properties that can help diminish under eye puffiness can soothe rosacea-prone skin.
  • Cool foods. Maintaining a diet that excludes spicy foods can help as they can often be irritants to the skin. It is also recommended that you limit eating chocolate and drinking alcoholic beverages.
Be gentle and stay cool!

Things to Avoid:

  • Wrinkle Creams. Many wrinkle creams contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) - AHA's work as exfoliants to help slough off dead skin cells so newer, younger skin cells can grow in. It may also stimulate collagen and elastin production which can help skin stay plump and young. But beware that AHA's are acids and can irritate skin, especially that already prone to rosacea. Use cautiously.
  • Sun. UVA, UVB rays and all the things you should avoid anyway (to prevent free radical damage to the skin and wrinkles), can cause a flare-up. So wear a hat and stay in the shade!
  • Wool clothing. Wool clothing tends to insulate the body, keeping it warm. But for those prone to getting rosacea, keeping your body cool is important in avoiding flare ups.


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